Union Foodie Truck - My Dream

Going for the gold! Taking the risk! Jumping into the deep end!

Starting my own food truck was a dream for decades, but responsibilities and fear stopped me from taking the leap. In 2017 I realized I just couldn’t work for someone else anymore and felt it was time to risk it all.

It was a lot of work, a lot of time, and a lot of passion to drive me forward to start Union Foodie Truck. Flavors running through my head daily, ideas for dishes, sauces and more. Finding the right truck was key… after searching for months I found Penelope… and it felt like home.

First day Penelope was mine.

First day Penelope was mine.

union def.jpg

Our Name

People ask us all the time “Where did you get your name?”…

…short answer, it was the street name of the house I grew up in here in Santa Cruz…

…long answer… Of all the names that I tossed around it was the one that meant the most to me and my family. The Union Street home is where I was raised, where my family lived, and partially where I raised my son. In 2015 I lost my mother and moved back into the family home, and it IS HOME. You know, the kind of place where your measurements are marked in the doorway, and your initials are in the sidewalk. In addition, Union it means joining together, bringing things together… combining, fusion, and so much more. Food brings people together… food unites. Union Foodie Truck